Who would not change their bags for the new season? all are just waiting for the new options to carry your things in an elegant and attractive, and it is pointed Bimba and Lola with her ​​new handbag collection 2012 2013 Bimba and Lola, following the trend in other seasons there are bags XL style These I love because you can take all you want and need, to me these are the ones that seem best for working days, when you have to carry just all the makeup, wallet, mobile phone, in my If the book of the moment, is that women have much to carry and these bags are great for the case. I love the pink bag in the picture above, the rose is one of my favorite colors and this is a perfect bag for supercoqueto when you have to go for a walk without taking a lot of things, it looks beautiful ... so true that if it's time start thinking about which of these will be chosen for next season between the Bimba and Lola many winter days proposed for 2012 2013.

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